What is MeetingHelper?

Meeting helper is an application for sharing materials on meetings between participants' Android smartphones or tablets. Users can easily share content by taking photos or uploading a photo from their devices. Posted item immediately appears on other connected devices. It is also possible to share a text note or comment on every photo or text message.

This project is a result of a team programming course realized by students at Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics. It was supervised by dr Marek Piasecki and Nokia company.

Project was presented at Wrocław University of Technology on Team Projects Conference (Konferencja Projektów Zespołowych) which was held on 23rd June 2014.

We are computer science students at Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty od Electronics!

Our team

How it works?

MeetingHelper is based on the client-server software architecture. Server software runs on PC, while client apps are opened on android devices. Communication between devices is realised via wireless computer network. Server may work as well in private as in public networks.

Clients connect to the server and join into one meeting.

One of the clients takes a photo. It is sent to the server.

Server broadcasts the photo to every participant present at the meeting.
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You may download the latest version from Nokia Wrocław GitHub:
Continue to github

Information about how to use the app is available in the Documentation section.